FFT Implementations

Existing packages

The following packages extend the functionality provided by AbstractFFTs:

  • FFTW.jl: Bindings for the FFTW library. This also used to be part of Base Julia.
  • FastTransforms.jl: Pure-Julia implementation of FFT, with support for arbitrary AbstractFloat types.

Defining a new implementation

Implementations should implement LinearAlgebra.mul!(Y, plan, X) (or A_mul_B!(y, p::MyPlan, x) on Julia prior to 0.7.0-DEV.3204) so as to support pre-allocated output arrays. We don't define * in terms of mul! generically here, however, because of subtleties for in-place and real FFT plans.

To support inv, \, and ldiv!(y, plan, x), we require Plan subtypes to have a pinv::Plan field, which caches the inverse plan, and which should be initially undefined. They should also implement plan_inv(p) to construct the inverse of a plan p.

Implementations only need to provide the unnormalized backwards FFT, similar to FFTW, and we do the scaling generically to get the inverse FFT.