This package provides bindings to the FFTW library for fast Fourier transforms.


The package is available for Julia versions 0.6 and up. To install it, run


from the Julia REPL.

Users with a build of Julia based on Intel's Math Kernel Library (MKL) can take use MKL for FFTs by setting an environment variable JULIA_FFTW_PROVIDER to MKL and running Pkg.build("FFTW"). Setting this environment variable only needs to be done for the first build of the package; after that, the package will remember to use MKL when building and updating. Note however that MKL provides only a subset of the functionality provided by FFTW. See Intel's documentation for more information about potential differences or gaps in functionality.


These functions were formerly part of Base Julia. Should any name conflicts occur on Julia versions which include these functions, try adding

importall FFTW

to the top of your file. If the problem persists, please open an issue on this package's repository.