Other Interpolation Packages

Other interpolation packages for Julia include:

  • ApproXD.jl implements B-spline and linear interpolation in Julia.
  • BarycentricInterpolation.jl implements the Barycentric formula for polynomial interpolation on equispaced points and Chebyshev points of the first and second kind.
  • BasicInterpolators.jl provides a collection of common interpolation recipes for basic applications.
  • BSplineKit.jl offers tools for B-spline based Galerkin and collocation methods, including for interpolation and approximation.
  • Curves.jl supports log-interpolation via immutable Curve objects.
  • DataInterpolations.jl is a library for performing interpolations of one-dimensional data.
  • Dierckx.jl is a wrapper for the dierckx Fortran library, which also underlies scipy.interpolate.
  • DIVAnd.jl for N-dimensional smoothing interpolation.
  • FastChebInterp.jl does fast multidimensional Chebyshev interpolation on a hypercube using separable grid of interpolation points.
  • FEMBasis.jl contains interpolation routines for standard finite element function spaces.
  • FineShift.jl does fast sub-sample shifting of multidimensional arrays.
  • FourierTools.jl includes sinc interpolation for up and down sampling.
  • GeoStats.jl provides interpolation and simulation methods over complex 2D and 3D meshes.
  • GridInterpolations.jl performs multivariate interpolation on a rectilinear grid.
  • InterpolationKernels.jl provides a library of interpolation kernels.
  • KissSmoothing.jl implements denoising and a Radial Basis Function estimation procedure.
  • LinearInterpolations.jl allows for interpolation using weighted averages allowing probability distributions, rotations, and other Lie groups to be interpolated.
  • LinearInterpolators.jl provides linear interpolation methods for Julia based on InterpolationKernels.jl, above.
  • LocalFunctionApproximation.jl provides local function approximators that interpolates a scalar-valued function across a vector space.
  • NaturalNeighbours.jl provides natural neighbour interpolation methods for scattered two-dimensional point sets, with support for derivative generation.
  • PCHIPInterpolation.jl for monotonic interpolation.
  • PiecewiseLinearApprox.jl performs piecewise linear interpolation over an arbitrary number of dimensions.
  • ScatteredInterpolation.jl interpolates scattered data in arbitrary dimensions.

Some of these packages support methods that Interpolations does not, so if you can't find what you need here, check one of them or submit a pull request here.

If you would like to list a registered package that is related to interpolation, please create a Github issue.