Special Functions

This package provides a comprehensive collection of special functions based on the OpenSpecFun and OpenLibm libraries.


The package is available for Julia versions 0.5 and up. To install it, run


from the Julia REPL.


Prior to Julia 0.6, most of these functions were available in Julia's Base module. Because of this, the symbols from this package are not exported on Julia 0.5 to avoid name conflicts. In this case, the symbols will need to be explicitly imported or called with the prefix SpecialFunctions. This is not necessary for Julia versions 0.6 and later.

On Julia 0.7, openspecfun is not built as part of Julia. Thus for Julia versions 0.7 and later, installing this package downloads openspecfun. Binaries of openspecfun are available for macOS, Windows, and Linux (glibc >= 2.6). Other systems will need to build the library from source. You can force a build from source by setting an environment variable called JULIA_SPECIALFUNCTIONS_BUILD_SOURCE equal to true before running Pkg.build. This ensures that the library is built locally from source, even if binaries are available. Doing this requires a C compiler (Clang on macOS and FreeBSD, GCC elsewhere) and gfortran. If you always want to build this library from source, consider adding


to your .juliarc.jl file.